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    So, if I am terminated with no cause by the acquirer, I should vest all my stock. Or if the conditions at the acquirer are intolerable and I resign for good reason, I should vest all my stock. 8776

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    Although vesting schedules can be infinitely flexible in theory, in practice they don 8767 t vary that much. You 8767 ll find that the majority of option plans and restricted stock agreements are identical in meaning and vary slightly with how vesting is structured. Most vesting schedules have the following parameters:

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    Let the company know that this is important to you and follow up on it after you start. If they delay granting you the options until after a financing or other important event, the FMV and the exercise price will go up. This would reduce the value of your stock options by the increase in value of the company.

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    Employees who receive restricted stock must make an important choice once they enter into these plans. They have the option of paying the tax at the time of vesting, or they can pay the tax on the stock at the time of grant. Section 88(b) of the Internal Revenue Code permits this election and allows employees to pay the tax before vesting as a means of possibly paying less tax overall. Of course, whether this strategy works is completely dependent upon the performance of the stock.

    Employees who choose to keep the shares and sell them at a later date report short- or long-term gains or losses accordingly, with the share price or prices on the date (or dates) of vesting becoming the cost basis for the sale.

    From an employee&rsquo s perspective, there is realistically not a great deal of difference between receiving restricted stock versus restricted stock units, except that there is no 88(b) election available for RSUs. Employers typically benefit more from the use of RSUs because it allows them to defer the issuance of company shares until the vesting schedule is complete, which then delays the dilution of the share base.

    When you join the company, you may want to come to agreement on your market rate and agree that you will receive a raise to that amount at the time of the financing. You can also ask when you join for the company to grant you a bonus at the time of the financing to make up for your work at below-market rates in the early stages. This is a gamble, of course, because only a small percent of seed-stage startups would ever make it to Series A and be able to pay that bonus.

    If an acquirer doesn’t like your acceleration agreement, they can decrease the purchase price and use the savings to retain you with golden handcuffs. A lower purchase price means less money for your investors. This provides you with negative leverage against your investors — you can decrease your investor 8767 s profit if you refuse to renegotiate your acceleration.

    Incentive stock options are much like non-qualified stock options in structure and design, except for their tax treatment. The employer still grants an employee the option (the right, but not the obligation) to purchase a specific number of shares of company stock within a prescribed period of time at a predetermined price (in most cases, the price the stock closed at on the grant date). The employee can then exercise the options at any time during the offering period by purchasing the stock at the exercise price. He or she can either sell the stock immediately and reap a quick profit, or wait and sell the shares later.

    Do you need a formal valuation of company stock at the time of the stock grant? And, if so, since the total grant is normally of what amounts to a minority interest in the company (even if all the years vest), does that total minority interest get valued at a discount from FMV using the typical discounts for lack of control and lack of marketability?

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