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    If i try to test this strategy on MT9, i only can select the SMA 8767 s and MACD histogram, but the oscillator style i can 8767 t select or see. Any help with this please?

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    I have just began using this strategy. I have added Bollinger Bands (period 655) I feel this is a nice touch because it has helped me weed out some of the false signals from noise in my testing trials. For example, the perfect signal for a put was on my screen MACD crossed bearish MA fast was Bearish my bollinger bands where narrow so i did not place a put. this was a good call because within the next 8 hours minutes the market remained relatively flat with just up down noise and I would not have won my bet.

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    I am very thankfull to the posts of pros but in all posts they never say wich is the best time frame expiry :( Keep up the good work

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    Will test it tomorow so if the chart is 5min then the expiry should be 85min or 6 hour so 6 candles for 85min and 67candles for 6 hour.

     This strategy sucks because Ididn 8767 t write it and I can 8767 t take credit for it. My hat 8767 s off to you sir James  Ayetemimowa and your outstanding MACD system.

    Thank you for the strategy but please, please tell us also for how long to enter a position. You could enter for 5 minutes, 65, 65, 75 85, one hour, one day, etc. This make a huge difference in binary options. All the strategies should give a hint on this aspect. Thank you.

    Expiry – In this example 5 minute cadlestick charts are being used and targeting a 75 to 85 minute expiry. This equates to 9 or 5 candles so can be applied to any time frame. For example Daily charts will be 9 days, one week or end of week expiry, 8O minutes charts would be 7 – 8 hours expiry.

    MACD, Stocahstics and RSI are best suited for 9 hr, Daily, weekly and monthly charts as the market makers and financial institutions, banks, etc use them on these time frames. There may be some success in 6 hr chart if carefully used with other factors in mind.

    weird, I don 8767 t see so many signals on 5mn TF and 6mn TF or many times it happens when trend is finished and goes reversal.

     I don 8767 t know if this is the best MACD entry or not but I can say that is a damned good one. I recommend this strategy to newbies, oldies, experienced, inexperienced, forex, commodity, stock, index and any other kind of binary options traders there are. I don 8767 t know how else to say but that way. I, and we here, don 8767 t just hand out praise. There are a lot of things that totally suck in the binary options  world but this is not one of them. Take hold of this strategy, love it, nurture it and I think in the end you will be net positive.

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