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    Martha, I notice all Joel talks about is how great life can be, social issues. He tells people sstuff to pump them up. That is ok but he doesn 8767 t warn them about hell and rapture, redemption. I truly think he is afraid he will scare many off if he preached about the end, anti Christ, etc. Many don 8767 t want to hear the truth and/or cannot face it. I read one of his boods and if you read one you read dthem all. I used to listen to him until I figured him out.

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    Teach Musical Instruments – Piano? Guitar? Flute? Glockenspiel? Whatever you can play, chances are there are people all over the world who want to learn as well. Advertise in local online classifieds or put up signs in busy areas, such as gathering places of college students, and you just might have a few classes lined up before you know it.

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    Sell Timeshares – If you were born to be a salesperson, then head to Greece, Thailand, Mexico, the Caribbean or any other major resort area and you can find work selling timeshares. These resorts want salespeople who can relate to their potential customers, so they prefer to have Americans selling to Americans, Italians selling to Italians and so on. The earning potential is huge in this line of work.

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    You know what? Whether Joel Osteen is wealthy and what he does with his wealth is not my personal concern. God will be the judge of him. The man gets 98,555 people to attend church every week and connects them to a higher power- to faith in the unseen. THAT is noble. I have several friends who ultimately came to Christ through Joel 8767 s message- it 8767 s good 8775 beginner 8776 faith. Let 8767 s remember these things

    Almost all of the interest collected by banks is paid out again by the banks in the form of interest to depositors, salaries, dividends, bonuses and purchases of goods and services by banks.

    Instead of saying 8775 the bank makes money out of thin air 8776 when it creates a loan, why couldn 8767 t you say that the bank forwards money on a person 8767 s behalf and charges them interest for the service? The bank takes the risk on who it lends money to and if the lender defaults, the bank needs to make the money up from good loans that are repaid.

    Housesitting – Who wouldn 8767 t want a free place to stay? While you typically won 8767 t get paid, if you don 8767 t mind looking after somebody else 8767 s house while they 8767 re away, this is a great option. I know many people who just hop around from house-sitting gig to house-sitting gig, essentially avoiding accommodation expenses for years. Gigs can be one week, one month, one year or anything in between. (Jess 588 Dani from and Pete 588 Dalene from are the experts when it comes to house-sitting!)

    Imagine a bank loans 65 people $6 and charges all of them 65% interest. All of them need to pay back $. Where does the extra dollar come from?

    For example off-cuts can be replaced by bricks and cedar posts by ordinary tree poles. The space where wire mesh is used for ventilation can be altered according to local climatic conditions.

    Are banks really responsible for pushing up the price of housing? The market determines the price of housing, so if there is a shortfall in housing, it pushes up the price. So you could say that the high price of housing is due to insufficient available housing.

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