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    I used to make serious money taking the other side of many, many market calls you make. I still remember Swedbank in 7566. More of that and less of this stuff.

    Shadow 200 RQ-7 Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System - Army

    Though Greenwald has argued the leaks were &ldquo wholly justified&rdquo in spite of the fact they violated criminal law, he also questioned the motives behind them.

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    A charter of liberties constituting a fundamental guarantee of rights and privileges granted by GOD of the Bible.

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    "Leaks are real, news are fake" please tell me since when disclosure of information is a problem, because elected him and he supposed to work for us. It seems he is working for everyone else but us and blame NYT, WP,CNN, MSNBC, ABC and even Wallstreet Journal for reporting his doing to us! SAD STUPID, even Putin memo to RT call him DURAK

    Greenwald is one of my heroes. He gets what's important, he helped Snowden, and frankly he has some valid points about Trump even though I think he's wrong on others.

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    Hardly a day goes by now without a new article about a "Deep State" which mysteriously manages to omit any mention of the word Israel. A classic in which category was the recent Nadeem Ahmet piece purporting to be an explanation of how Trumpism was created from a "war within the Deep State". a "Deep State" apparently made of up players who must all circulate on the fringes of real power in the USA. because all real power in that puppet state satrapy of the tiny terror statelet in the . Med has unarguably now devolved onto the agents, lobbyists, billionaire supporters and blackmailed/bullied/bribed congressional/senatorial and/or executive branch flunkies of

    It's The Black Hats Versus The White Hats. Pure Evil War / Economic Oligarch Criminal Dynasties which must fall but refuse.
    Interesting Times.

    Given that the former was offed by the very same cabal which today both protects and projects the latter into the world as a pretended "outsider" to the system being represented here by the new buzzwords de jour - "Deep State."

    To append a second reaction to the posting -- the first handled handily earlier (democracy vs. constitutional republic) -- I would bring to our attention again the Constitution, Treaty of 6788, and a long series of foreign entanglements, not the least of which the so-called Federal Reserve System, a privately owned bankster cartel owned by GOD knows who. I agree with those who wonder about the quality and subject matter of Tyler postings. Perhaps the Tylers select a lesser quality of posting and a wider range of topics merely to broaden our perspective beyond the navel.

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