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    Are you tired of hunting down lunar and planetary positions on internet sites and in library books, then trying to match them to market moves on your chart? Trade Navigator’s Planetary Library has everything you need!

    Demo Trading Vs Live Trading - The Psychological Differences

    NYSErSI Indicator uses a smoothed RSI of the NYSE Advance/Decline index in its calculation. When combined on the chart with a smoothed RSI of price, some pretty powerful signals between the two indicators emerge.

    Forex Trading South Africa | Forex Trading in South Africa

    My ultimate goal is to get a good position in a good PE firm/HF (depending on whether I do M& a or sth else). Would you say JP Sales UBS M& A or vice versa (both are London office roles). Thanks in advance

    Futures Trading Platform < Track 'n Trade Futures Trading

    Thanks! Nial for your insight. After following you for a year I found that your sharing and teaching is really a true fact. In fact I am going to start managing fund soon as I have confidence to follow your steps to achieve my dreams. Thanks my dear mentor, Nial! I appreciate your generous sharing from the bottom of my heart. Cheers!

    Well put, Nial.
    For some time now I have had a sign above my computer that reads:
    8775 Trade with your demo account as if it were live..
    Trade with your real account as if it were demo. 8776

    The good news is that I achieved my frist months aim.
    Aim was to understand the human factors of trading and becoming a trader.

    Gain confidence as you learn to identify when patterns are beginning to develop using the Street Smarts I library in a simulated trading environment, then put your knowledge and confidence to the test with live trading.

    Hello Brian
    I`m 66 years old high school-er and I want to become a trader for Bank of America or Barclay 8767 s Capital. Right now I`m studying the market. I would love it if you gave me some advise to how I can reach this goal of mine.

    Perry J. Kaufman is a market strategist known for his knowledge and experience in computer-based trading systems applied to world futures and financial markets. His publication, "Trading Systems and Methods" has become the technician's required reference.

    Percentage of Change Oscillator or PPO is based on the difference between two moving averages. By default, the chart template available in the Quick Sets library uses the difference between the 75 bar and the 65 bar moving averages.

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