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    I download the latest version of .
    The 8775 bid 8776 and 8775 ask 8776 always return the 8775 bid 8776 exchange rate.

    Download Historical Forex Data into Excel

    Hi Samir,
    can you tell me how to change the code from daily price intervals to weekly and monthly price intervals? I am after weekly open and close date and monthly open and close data from yahoo. Your help is much appreciated.

    Java Finance Quotes API for Yahoo Finance

    Hi all!
    The code is just fantastic and works fine on my US laptop!
    I only had a problem using it on a german Excel version in my office as the decimal separator was not correctly recognized.
    could this be overcome letting Excel know which character to recognize as the decimal separator?

    Currency, Currencies & Forex Currency Trading - Yahoo Finance

    Hi, the file does not seem to be working for stock indices. Is there any way this could be made to work? Really desperate for this! Thank you!

    This is fantastic without it I 8767 d be looking at buying a commercial service, so thanks a lot!
    One question: is there any way to get this thing to update automatically without pressing the button?

    This Excel spreadsheet imports historical stock prices from Yahoo Finance ( http:// ).  You don 8767 t need to manually import data with text files. You simply need to specify a ticker symbol, your start and end dates, and then click a button.

    Any chance you could have a look? The new URL code uses 8775 margin_fixed=5 8776 to get the mid market rate for any particular day. The complete URL which gets me to a csv table is http:///currency/historical-rates-classic?date_fmt=normal 588 date=66/56/69 588 date6=56/56/69 588 exch=USD 588 exch7=USD 588 expr=GBP 588 expr7=GBP 588 format=CSV 588 margin_fixed=5

    I am very pleased with your spreadsheet for downloading bulk quotes. It is just what I need and it saved me a great deal of effort. Thanks!

    Thank you for offering this download. Unfortunately I get an compile error and the debugger opens. I am using excel 7557 and am in the UK looking for LSE stocks. I was trying to use the spreadsheet for importing the historical stock prices.

    I only discovered your tool two or three months ago and have enjoyed convenience and accuracy the macro has allowed me to build reports for work (for internal use, not a publicly traded company), but it appears that sometime since April 6 Oanda has changed something in the structure of their databases that renders the workbook outdated. I discovered there was a problem when I started updating my reports for April data and the macros did not update my main table as I expected. I re-downloaded your source workbook and attempted to run an update for the FX rate for a date-range that worked previously, I got an error that the 8775 destination 8776 range was invalid.

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