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    Once this period is over we believe you will have enough faith to actually buy the robot. What will we do if you take the money and run? Well we cannot do anything but ban you from ever using our bot again.

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    Joe this is a great site, thanks for your info and research. I have a couple of questions about the Forex Hacked products
    6) Is there any human intervention involved for the results posted?
    7) Have you tested and posted results using single sided trades only (its difficult to find non-regulated brokers who accept US clients)?

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    No surprises here with Flex on top. I 8767 m surprised you appear to have no Super Precise settings running on any of these accounts though. They have by far been the best performing settings to use with this EA.

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    No, of course not, aren 8767 t you tired of being scammed? Nobody can guarantee the profit, no one can foresee the future and market changes. All we can do is try our best according to our current knowledge of math, programming and statistics.

    The maximum drawdown on the account as a percentage. Drawdown is a percentage of the account which has been lost when there was a run of losing trades. It is a measure of the largest loss that the trading account had at any given moment or period of time.

    The account will be in your name and we will have no access to your money or records. The forex robot license will automatically expire after 8 months, if you want to continue using it after this ( which you will ) you have to purchase the robot from us.

    For example, suppose we buy a nice house for $8,55,555 and rent it. At the end of the year, we get a nice $76,555 revenue, which gives us an yield of nearly 7% per year. After 69 years of renting, we finally recovered our main investment.

    We make money by displaying the advertisements, but we do not endorse any advertised product or service. Please make sure to read our reviews before giving your money to any company.

    Combined with our investigations, traders court activity, and early scam alert warnings we are aware of many forex brokers that are likely to be stealing traders money right now.

    So we are officially launching forex scalping robot in February 7567. I still believe that forex scalping is nearly impossible in the long run when trading currencies manually. Automated forex scalping is the only way to scalp and the only way to trade for that matter. We have tested various forex trading strategies over the last 5 years and it has always proven to be scalpers who came out tops.

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