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    Consider adding the tick index indicator  to your trading method and it may take your E-mini day trading to a new level.

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    In fact, I’ll tell you what, there’s some days that you can just take a short at the beginning of the day, and as long as this thing continues going down, you can hold at least part of this position for the entire day. And just have a huge winning day. And let me tell you, one day like that out of a week, can make you a lot of money. Even if that’s all you traded. That can make you a truckload of money.

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    If you can repeatedly do these three things, then you're on your way to being a superstar forex trader! But we warn you, it's no cakewalk.

    Forex Tester 3: trading simulator for backtesting. Best

    Download the free demo version and see for yourself:

    Nial’s success as a trader & coach can be attributed to his unique  keep it simple trading philosophy . You certainly won’t hear the same tired, played-out advice here. If you are an aspiring forex trader looking for a genuine forex trading education, this blog is for you !

    The course teaches my number one trading strategy, and is an alternative and more affordable option to the full 75 or 95 hour courses in which i teach all of my strategies.

    Where do you get in? Okay. So, you’ve got a couple of options. Number one is you can trade the break of this trend-line. In this case, that option and the one I’m going to mention wouldn’t really make much difference.

    Forex Tester is all about maximizing your profits (by choosing and optimizing your strategies) and saving time. One of many details surrounding the project is that it will boost your efficiency. Forex Tester uses project files in the following way: You can save your current session, load another one and then continue the first session later.

    Top 75 Killer Trader Mistakes Learn to think the way the winners think, and how to avoid the mistakes that the unsuccessful traders continually make. preview »

    Once an ambitious student learning under the expert tutelage of our very own Peter Bain and Vic Noble, Chris was selected to trade for a Hong Kong based hedge fund. He now shares the same tools and strategies with the members of his Daily Trade Plan service.” more »

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