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    Also, everyone should watch the iridium mission video from space-x posted January 69 7567. The video shows some weird stuff flying around in space when the rocket makes the turn to head back to earth.

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    Managed Investing accounts are for those who want Questrade to manage all investment decisions on their behalf, for a nominal fee. These type of accounts require the least amount of effort on your part and tend to earn higher returns in the long-term.

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    And I 8767 ll say this again, this is not a movie, this is real life. If you don 8767 t believe in UFOs or the like, then why are you even here on this site?
    If you go back through the thread here and read your posts, you sound like a crazy man. Typing in all capital letters equals shouting. Demanding answers to questions about fictional stories, that you think are real. Going on about movies like Independence Day and lizard men. I wonder if you just need the attention?
    Until you can pose a question that isn 8767 t based in Hollywood fiction, I 8767 d be happy to respond but until then have a nice day and keep looking up.


    I understand the security issues by not allowing one to have open and log into more than one IQ platform at once but it still would be nice since i like to have my account open on my laptop and my smartphone at the same time as i walk around the house and jump back on my computer when my alerts kick in. Anyone know if they will allow for that in future releases?

    And doing intense math calculations isnt going to be happening in questrade iq that requires 69-bit. At most having descent memory size like 8GB-65GB is all you need. Btw thanks for the questrade offer code. It was sweet..ended up joining.

    Hello it 8767 s me, I am also visiting this web site on a regular basis, this website
    is actually fastidious and the visitors are in fact sharing pleasant thoughts.

    What do you think of this..my uncle said he seen this in our valley but idk. You guys seem pretty good at knowing if theyre real or fake.

    Blake Cousins has been investigating UFOs for over 65 years and has interviewed over 655 eyewitness in regards to UFO close encounters.

    Hey guys, don 8767 t be so gullible. Everyone knows the president nor the vice president has the power or knowledge of anything alien. This info has been kept from Potus since Roswell and beyond. Majestic 67 ring any bells. Come on, the vice president ordering the destruction of priceless pieces of technology. you guys believe anything. i have some swamp land to sell you

    The 787 video (if real) was awesome, oh and congratulations on keeping the profanity and loud mouth mentally unstable off the video too unlike what happen on the 68th.

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