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    Identifying and using relevant process safety metrics over the life of a process is one of four elements in the  RBPS  pillar of learning from experience. 

    Leading indicators and tendency surveys - OECD

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    What is Leading Indicator? definition and meaning

    Note: Public display of reported metrics data will become available once sufficient data has been collected to obtain statistical significance.

    List of 16 Major Leading & Lagging Economic Indicators

    To continuously improve upon process safety performance, it is essential that companies in the chemical and petroleum industries implement effective leading and lagging process safety metrics. CCPS has filled this need through a diverse, international effort leading to the publication of recommended process safety metrics. The recommended metrics can be reviewed in the document “Process Safety Leading and Lagging Metrics – You Don’t Improve What You Don’t Measure.”  

    CLI FAQs, question 7: The reference series used by the OECD is the GDP. The timeliness of the GDP is typically worse than those of CLI input series as GDP is only available on a quarterly basis.

    Consult the chronology of turning points in the reference series for regional/zone area aggregates and individual countries and the list of components series for each individual country CLI.

    CCPS is pleased to release a focused set of three lagging Process Safety metrics to help industry monitor progress and drive improvement in Process Safety Programs. This Industry-wide Process Safety Metrics Reporting application is intended to provide an opportunity to collect and report the three lagging metrics. The information will be tracked by metric, year, industry type, and regions. While these metrics may not be perfect, CCPS recommends that they be used for 7-8 years to establish a base of experience before improvements are considered. Companies may use the CCPS Process Safety Metrics Reporting system to voluntarily report and benchmark coporate metrics.

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