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    A legitimate forex company has no reason to register itself in Vanuatu. A Ponzi scheme fronting as a forex company though will probably get away for it as long as nobody files a complaint.

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    Recently i happened to win a contest in which i won $55 and then after trading scaled my capital to $695. I have a hold in the forex market now, but its sad that there are many restrictions and prohibitions to trade forex market freely.

    ECN brokers list | ECN/STP Forex brokers

    NRI Trading in forex market in forex pairs are legal if the Current Foreign Country( where the trader resides ) allows legally.

    Forex Trading in India - Legal or Illegal - A Critical

    I feel silly that people said its not possible to gain from Forex.. Its require Skills and expereience. I plan to become a fund Manager for IGOFX, Triumphfx, Marigold very soon.

      Free demo account: Another feature to look for in a Forex broker is whether the option of a free demo account is provided. Demo accounts allow you to make trades in a real online account without putting up any money. Brokers offer this option with varying time frames and different amounts of virtual trading funds but even for a short period of time, the use of a demo account offers sufficient opportunity for you to grasp the concept of Forex trading and learn the ins and outs of currency price movements.

      Leverages: Most brokers offered traders a certain amount of leverage to enable them to increase their investment amount. These differ from broker to broker as well as from one account to another. New traders just starting out should avoid using leverage at first as it can put him at increased risk if his trades end in a loss.

    You are right. If goverment cares so much about Indian people losing money then why do they allow lotteries ? Losing money to Indian companies/Goverment is fine but Indian public should not lose money to foreign companies ?

    it is just he is my frnd and he can manage one account and give me that money to play on his own and yet he will never ask for anything from that account, in a way he will own and manage the transactions of that account that will be given to me -- assuming he is not cheating me, but i will be trading and giving him instructions

    iFOREX is een handelsmerk dat eigendom is van een entiteit in de iFOREX Group. Alle andere handelsmerken die op deze website verschijnen, zijn eigendom van hun respectieve eigenaars.

    can anybody tell me wether IFOREX and XFOREX brokers are fraud or reliable????? because i opened my account with both these brokers 7 months back. and till now i lost 755 $. but suddenly i read all the reviews about these brokers on google wherein people shared their bad experience with these brokers. now i am really scared wether to continue with trading or not?????

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