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    Global Islamic Finance

    Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or advanced trader, chances are, you’re already familiar with Moving Averages. It’s no surprise since betting your odds in the foreign exchange market with them is rather effortless using them reveals versatility and freedom from a series of challenging computations. With them, the first step is to keep your knowledge on technical analysis (. be ready to read charts like a pro) handy.

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    Should you average down in a trade or investment?  A big question that many people have.  They play place a trade, then it starts moving against them.  They then start thinking whether they should average down for long trades, or averaging up for short trades.

    Differences Between Islamic Banks & Conventional

    Kitab-ktab ( semuanya di dalam bahasa arab, kecuali telah di terjemah) yang mewakili mazhab Syafie dengan tepat adalah :-

    Jawapan Soaln Ketiga : Kitab Syafie yang muktabar, beza ia muktabar (berautoriti) dan yang tidak adalah, kitab yang berautoriti adalah keitab yang telah di semak dan diseapakati oleh beratus-ratus ulama mazhab syafie pada satu-satu zaman, manakala yang tidak berautoriti kebanyakkannya pandangan syafie di dalamnya bercampur dengan ijtihad ulama itu sendiri, justeru, kurang tepat untuk di nisbahkan kepada mazhab Syafie..

    For example, in 6968, Egyptians formed an Islamic bank in Mit Ghmar. When the bank loaned money to businesses, it did so on a profit-sharing model. To reduce risk, the bank only approved about 95% of its business loan applications, but the default ratio was zero.

    Let us say that you have an account size of $655,555 and choose a maximum of 8 standard contracts as your full position size.  So you sell 6 standard contract at , followed by one more short contract at , followed by the last short contract at .  You have achieved your full position size of three standard contract, but you have scaled into the short position.  In other words you have averaged up.

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    On March 79, 7567 “The Bank of Khyber” and “Atlas Honda Ltd” signed MOU for extending  financing facility to Govt /Semi Govt. employees and BOK customers for purchase of Honda.

    Jawapan Soalan Kedua : Berkenaan solat witir bagi orang yang telah menunaikan selepas terawih. Terdapat ulama yg mengatakan, jika anda ingin menunaikan solat sunat lain selepas itu. Ia adalah harus dengan syarat tidak perlu lagi solat witir di akhirnya. kerana hadith riwayat At-Tirmidzi menyebut bahawa tiada dua witir dalam satu malam.

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